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ECS keeps law firms running at maximum capability with tools and applications for file management, case management, documentation assembly, process automation and communication software. In the industry, effective and efficient execution is imperative to running a successful operation. Improve productivity by consolidating accounting, billing, a CRM and more in an easily accessible secure network.


ECS improves efficiency with supply chain and logistics applications, work orders and project management tools, and visibility across your supply chain. Not only do we maintain a secure network infrastructure, we also ensure you keep pace with ever changing compliance. This way you can focus on the details, deliverables, and deadlines that are critical to success in this industry.


ECS maintains your staff up to date by running a network that helps your staff stay HIPAA compliant and follow industry and government regulations. Gain secure access to patient information from anywhere, transfer information securely, bill accurately, and ultimately increase efficiency. With practice management applications and secure EHR systems, we help healthcare providers of all sizes.


ECS creates tools that increase efficiency for a wide range of hospitality clients, while also creating and maintaining their IT network. Optimizing features such as point of sale, inventory, reservation, or management leads to increased profitability. Consolidating and automating certain processes allows your staff to focus on higher priority tasks.


ECS builds network infrastructures that improve data management, file transfer, and remote access to help you meet client and project deadlines. We improve dispatch operations, job cost and bid applications, and project management tools.
By securing your data, maintaining your networks and consolidating business procedures ECS helps you increase efficiency and revenue.


ECS helps oil, gas, and energy companies in Houston streamline outdated processes across the business to increase productivity and efficiency. We create and improve field service software, contract management applications, and maintain compliance regulation. This enables companies to focus on maximizing revenue.


ECS knows that superior security is a necessity for financial institutions. We design and maintain network infrastructures with the highest level of security that a financial institution can command. Our team of experts stays current with industry trends and regulations, giving you the freedom to run your business.